# Contact

# The Team

Rahul Kumar Patel
@whyorean | Lead Dev
To be my true self.
@Disqu3mirroir | Server Backend Dev
French croissant for life.
Austin Hornhead
@marchingon12 | Hobby Dev & Designer
Anime & Manga is life.
Iacob Ionut
@iacobionut | Android UI/UX Dev
A.I. is kicking my ass out of the Earth.
Sunny Raj
@CheDuckevara | Privacy Enthusiast
Quid est veritas?
@CYLANC | Contributor & Moderator
Æïý€€ =ęę
@shanetheawesome | Contributor
Sleep is all u need.
Radek Błędowski
@RKBDI | Designer
Make stuff for yourself and don't care about others' opinion.
Matt Murdock
@mattmurdock86 | Telegram Moderator
Never Stop Trying.
Marcel Alexandru Nitan
@snoopalex | Telegram Bot Dev
Don’t limit yourself. Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind lets you. What you believe, remember, you can achieve. ~ Mary Kay Ash

# Support

Any questions our FAQs can't answer, problems that you want to discuss discreetly or trust issues with our apps? No worries! Feel free to contact us on any of the following platforms below.

# Telegram

Our go-to platform would be Telegram. We are almost active everyday so we won't miss a message if you chime in. Install Telegram if you don't already have it, choose any of the groups below and scan them with a QR Code scanner to get started!

...or click on the QR code images to open the links. (QR codes are cooler, though.)


Please read the group rules, pinned messages and a few of the previous messages to see if their context is what you are looking for before asking any questions, you're helping us reduce spam and time! 👍

# GitLab

All the issues and merge requsts for the code of our apps are reported on our GitLab Organization, AuroraOSS (opens new window).


For those who have been in the Android community for some time might know about XDA-Developers, a great place for Android enthusiasts to tinker and explore Android. Check out our XDA-Developers Forum Thread (opens new window) for Aurora Store.

# Email

Want to write to us discreetly? Send us a mail!

# Reddit (planned)

We're planning on starting a Reddit subreddit after we stabilized things a bit. Who wouldn't want their service to be on the world's most well-known forum service, right?