# Contribution

Find out how to help translate or contribute to AuroraOSS.

# Code

Skilled at code? Know how to improve something or you generally want to support the creation of our apps?

For UI improvements, you can do a Merge Request. These will not be checked on as often, but if it's something major and urgent then we will consider merging.

# Applications

Source code of applications by AuroraOSS.

# Website

The repository that hosts this very website you're reading on now.

# Translation

Want to help translate the website to your language? You can easily help by utilizing a service we use called POEditor.

Visit our translation projects:


We will soon be moving our translation projects to Weblate (opens new window).

# Project status

Aurora Store v4

Translation status *** Aurora Website Translation status

# Donation

If you can't contribute code or translations but you still wish to help, then you can choose to contribute directly to the projects founder, whyorean (opens new window) by using the following sources below.

Donate via UPI Donate with PayPal Bitcoin accepted here Bitcoin accepted here Bitcoin accepted here Bitcoin accepted here